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                                 We’re very excited about adding Avery to our program.                                       She’s a great fit on and off the court with the values and                                     goals of our program.


                                With intangible skills like volleyball IQ, passion and                                              competitiveness we’re looking to Avery to have an                                                immediate impact on the program.



She is going to have a great collegiate career as a Lion.

                                                                                   Head Coach Craig Case


Avery joined Club South as an 8th grader and has embraced every aspect of our culture.  She values hard work and purposeful training and is committed to getting better with every repetition. She loves the focus of skill development and the intensity of competition.  She is a great fit with Texas A&M Commerce and the program that Coach Case is building.  Avery is a great athlete with a big heart ……she’s going to be a Lion…..

                                                                                                    Vanessa Seghers

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