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What is Club volleyball?

Club Volleyball is an opportunity for school-aged girls of varying abilities to develop their skills through practice and competition. Club South is in its second season as a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club- sanctioned through USA Volleyball, AAU and the Lone Star Region.


How long is the season?

We officially begin team training in late November.  The competition season lasts approximately six months, but we offer training opportunities year-round.


How many times of the week do we practice / for how long?

Our teams practice 2 x per week for 2 hours.


Where do we practice?

We practice at Brookside Intermediate on Tuesdays and Clear Springs High School on Sundays.


How often do we compete?

You can expect 1-2 weekend tournaments beginning in January.


Where are these tournaments?

Most of the tournaments are hosted in the Greater-Houston Area.


Who are the coaches?

Please visit our Staff pages!


What does it cost?

The initial deposit is $500.  This deposit covers uniforms, equipment, registrations and other items that require payment prior to the season.  The exact cost will vary based on the number of players per team and competition schedule.

What do these costs include?

The total cost includes uniform,  tournament entry fees, hotel (players only (13’s and up), if needed), facility cost, equipment, coaches’ salaries and administrative fees.


Are there any fundraising opportunities for my family?

Yes!  We are proud to offer the opportunity for fundraising in the spring.  Please contact if you are interested in fundraising.

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