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Hannah Floyd 

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We are THRILLED!!!!

                                                                                               Coach Amber McCray

We are extremely excited to have Hannah joining us at Panola College.  From the moment she stepped foot in our gym, she seemed comfortable and confident on the level of our team.  Her competitive drive has bred success for her teams on the high school and club level and we can't wait to see that same drive adding to our gym culture every day!

                                                                      Head Coach Amber McCray

Hannah is a disciplined and hard working volleyball player.   As a member of our first senior class, she has been instrumental in setting the standard for players in our program. Hannah is the daughter of a coach and will follow in his footsteps as a college athlete.  Hannah is a family and faith first kid, I can't think of anything that will make her family more proud.  I expect her to make an impact at Panola just as she has done at Club South.


                                                                         Vanessa Seghers

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