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Kenadee Poye 

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Kenadee is someone who will immediately impact the competitiveness in practice.  She has the ability to become a very nice 6 rotation outside for us.  We are ecstatic she wants to join us in this journey.  Can't wait for the fall!

                                                                      Head Coach LINDSEY PARTRIDGE


We are so excited for Kenadee and for Southern Arkansas.  This is a great fit.   Kenadee is a tremendous athlete and has a huge upside.  I am anxious to see how she will impact SAU in this next chapter of her career. It did not take Kenadee long to embrace our training culture.  I will never forget the grin on her face while partner passing with one of the 12's in November.  I was excited that Kenadee had elected to play and train with us for her senior year..... I wanted it to feel like home.  Congratulations Kenadee for working hard and earning this opportunity....  Go Mule Riders!

                                                                         Vanessa Seghers

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