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Madison Weisinger 

Signs with 

It’s a GREAT day to be a bulldog!

                                                                                                Assistant Coach Krystle Weider

We are very excited to have Madison join our team at Texas Lutheran. She is a tremendous athlete whose ability, work ethic, and heart had us excited from day one.  Madison will be a huge part of our success in years to come and I am very honored that she chose to be her home. I expect great things from athletes who have so much untapped potential and play with so much heart.


We are so excited Madison has chosen us to help her reach that potential and we cannot wait to welcome her family into ours at Texas Lutheran.

                                                                      Head Coach Tiffany Davis

Madison was the first athlete to commit to Club South in our inaugural year and wears the #1. We were so proud that she is the 1st athlete to join us and the 1st to commit to play in college.  As for being a Bulldog, I think she captures the spirit, swagger, grin, and loyalty of the TLU mascot….his name is Lucky…..     

                                                                         Vanessa Seghers

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